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Mon, Mar. 14th, 2005, 04:53 pm
>>"I want you to want me"<<

hey, today was intersesting. i had a fun day at school. but all my friends are either mad at me or sad. i also need to do a lot of work. i gotta get a job, my license, a band together, anda boyfriend....it's too much sometimes. i'm not one for work either. i need someone to love so bad it hurts sometimes.i feel like i work too hard to make it work, and sometiems it ruins it. i go too fast. i'm ready to go slow though. i guess it's just i'd been in love 2 years straight, and i don't like being alone, i'm not used to it. my ex's either found someone else or i couldn't handle them. everyone says i have what it takes, well if i do then why doesn't anyone like me? i used to always have at least someone cute like me, someone at all, and now no one does. not just guys tho, i need a band too. i have so much passion for music i need it or i'll go crazy. i don't wanna listen to music, i wanna make it. i wanna record it. i wanna write it. i wanna play it. live someday, on stage... but for now, i can only lay on my bed and listen to the music in my head or from the speakers...not from me though. I need a job, a job to pay for my clothes, car, expenses, insurance. i need my license to grow up and be able to go out more when i need to.At least i have one good thing. friends, i have four great friends i can't get enought of, they almake me laugh care about me, and know how to have fun. i'm glad i found them. in case you're all wondering, it's Rachel, Jaime, Kelly and Jen. I have to go , but i just wanna say i don't ask for you pity, or attention, just for someone to talk to about all this. thanx. ciao</3:-/ ~Sofia A.